Blanchard Type Grinding

Blanchard Type or Vertical Spindle, Rotary Table Surface grinding, removes stock from one side of a part or parts.  Blanchard machines can grind very large parts or many small parts loaded onto the chuck.  South Bay can provide Diamond & CBN Solid Rim Wheels, Slotted Rim Wheels, Individual Superabrasive Buttons or Segments, or Conventional Abrasive Segments for all Blanchard type applications and all Materials.  We provide Wheels and Segments for grinding Carbide, Steel, and Combination Materials with Inlays, Glass, and Ceramics of all varieties.  If it can be Blanchard ground, we can provide the abrasive for it. We do have some CBN & Diamond 2A2T style Wheels in stock and an assortment of Conventional Segments.  Of course, we are able to offer engineered products manufactured specifically for your job as well.

Ask us about putting a new Solid or Slotted Rim on your existing steel or aluminum blank.  In many cases, we are able to clean and condition your used blank to accept a new Superabrasive bond section.  If so, we can return your blank with a new bond section saving you time and money.  In addition, we can evaluate the specification to see if it can be further optimized.  Please contact us for a quote.